FBK - The Hygiene Cleaning System

Safety matters to ensure your production at a high level

FBK have been manufacturing hygiene professional manual cleaning equipment since 1887. Renowned globally for quality products that are focused on the food and beverage industries. Specializing to meet high standards in hygiene has enabled FBK to understand the need for cleaning tools to be both effective and durable.
All products are made in Denmark, have achieved maximum certification, and meet all international standard requirements.

As a result, FBK are recognized for innovative, ergonomic designs which complement quality, durability, and operational efficiencies. To support our claim to have worldwide recognition, 95% of FBK’s production is exported and sold through established professional distributors, who in turn support our commitment with their industry know-how in their own country.

With FBK's large color program, you can support the importance of limiting cross contamination, color dividing areas and better storage and will ensure you are better prepared to meet BRCGS standards.


Sales: Teknikvej 53, 5260 Odense S, Denmark
Tel: +45 6614 3661 / +45 4033 6161
Email: ks@fbk.dk
Website: www.fbk.dk