Glassguard lighting solutions

As a dedicated partner to the food industry the role of GlassGuard® is to deliver a lighting solution that reduces energy costs, controls glass contamination and adds value to your business. We are passionate about what we do because we are building our business on the reputation we build with you. GlassGuard® has been working closely with the food industry as a lighting solutions provider for over 15 years. We understand the day to day and long term demands of your business which is why we can deliver a lighting solution specifically tailored to your needs.

A GlassGuard® lighting solution will always endeavour to deliver:

  • Control of glass contamination
  • Affordable light levels optimised to the environment
  • Reduction in energy and maintenance costs
  • Project managed to ensure minimum disruption to your business

Lamps designed specifically for the food industry

We produce Europe’s widest range of IEC 61549 compliant fragment retention lamps (sometimes known as shatterproof lamps), providing must-have insurance against glass contamination from accidental breakage. GlassGuard BlackBand® to IEC 61549 fluorescent lamps and linear LED lamps are coated using a high tensile strength modified fluoropolymer resin applied by automated direct extrusion technology. Our high speed patented process hermetically seals the coating to the lamp envelope, including end-caps, providing 100% protection. The coating ‘melt’ precisely flows over the contour of each lamp eliminating any potential gaps which can lead to end cap ejection in the event of accidental breakage.

GlassGuard BlackBand® fluorescent lamps provide a higher level of performance at the critical point when lamps are replaced after 20,000 – 50,000 hours of use. Our “BlackBand®” coating will not degrade like most other products currently on the market and will contain the dangerous glass shards if accidentally broken, in accordance with IEC 61549 Standard.

Luminaires designed specifically for the food industry

GlassGuard® luminaires have been specifically designed for the food industry. We understand the problems and challenges the industry is faced with on a day to day basis. All of our lighting fixtures offer added value performance in the areas of:

  • Industry compliant protection
  • Energy and financial savings
  • Maintenance savings
  • Cost of ownership
  • Fast payback
  • Service life cycle

Download our professional lighting publication and learn how GlassGuard® can help certificated suppliers:

  • Save money
  • Save energy
  • Save maintenance
  • Save time
  • Protect profits
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Protect personnel
  • Protect passing audits

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