Award-winning excellence with Vikan hygienically designed cleaning tools

Established in 1898, Vikan is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional manual cleaning tools to the food industry worldwide. From local SME’s to global food groups, our mission is to
develop and provide effective, hygienically-designed, quality cleaning tools, unique solutions, and trusted support for our customers where hygiene is essential.

By working closely with the food industry and hygiene experts, we continue to provide award-winning cleaning solutions like our 12 litre bucket and our latest brushware innovation, Ultra Safe Technology. All
products are subject to rigorous quality assessment and are available with full documentation in support of legal and audit requirements.

Additionally, Vikan offers a range of hygiene services in support of the
food industry including:

  • Colour-coding site surveys.
  • Advice on food safety.
  • Food safety information including white papers, scientific publications, trade articles, food safety seminars, and presentations at national and international food safety events.
  • Development of new and improved cleaning solutions in close collaboration with the food industry.
  • Hygiene trouble-shooting site visits.
  • Cleaning workshops at local and group level.
  • Bespoke hygiene training


Contact details:

Tel: +44 (0)1793 716 760

Vikan Ltd, 1-3 Avro Gate,
Broadmoor Road, South
Marston Park, Swinston SN3 4AG