BRCGS Partner Connection Program

Putting your Brand in front of our global network of manufacturers


The program gives you an opportunity to promote your goods or services to over 30,000 BRCGS certificated sites worldwide, covering manufacturers and companies in the food, packaging, storage and distribution, agents and brokers, and consumer product sectors, as well as gluten-free, plant-based and ethical trade and responsible sourcing.  

In addition, you will be reaching over 65,000 monthly visitors to our websites, nearly 60,000 followers on social media who include manufacturers, retailers, food service companies, consultants, specifiers/brand owners, and government and regulatory officials and 100,000 site contacts. 

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The Partner Connection Program has been designed for forward-thinking companies to promote their products and services to BRCGS customers. We've selected a range of products and services from leading international organisations to help drive business success for BRCGS certificated sites. The organisations we have selected for the program understand how to leverage and integrate their innovative and proven products or services to deliver solutions that precisely meet performance, reliability and cost requirements for all BRCGS certificated sites.

Through the Program, BRCGS certificated sites can build long-term, reliable connections with trusted organisations to help them maximise their business potential. BRCGS only partners with forward-thinking companies that provide first-class synergistic products or services relevant to our global network.

BRCGS certificated sites can review these organisations and their product and services in the BRCGS Partner Connection Program catalogue.


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What does the Program include?

  • BRCGS will develop a communication plan aimed at aligning all BRCGS and third-party marketing activities to provide opportunities to promote their products and services via their marketing channels.  
  • BRCGS will provide editorial coverage of their products or services in the BRCGS Newsletter published monthly. The contract allows for one insertion per year and includes a short editorial feature (150 words), one image or logo with links to collateral or website. 
  • BRCGS and partners shall together develop a social media channel campaign across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook to promote the third-parties’ products or services. There are no limits to the number of posts permitted subject to BRCGS approval of the content, but this must be relevant to BRCGS customers. 
  • BRCGS and partners will develop joint case studies/white papers to promote the PCP program. Partners are permitted 2 case studies/white papers per year. This will consist of an A4 double sided flyer, BRCGS Marketing to develop the final artwork and supply the partner with a PDF for the partner to print. 
  • Partners content will be included on the BRCGS website and/or BRCGS Participate (which is BRCGS’ online information platform).  
  • Partner details are included in the PCP catalogue – each partner is given a half page advert which can be updated at any time during their contract. Partners are permitted three updates per year. 
  • BRCGS partners can use the BRCGS In Partnership with Logo on their website and all marketing collaterals. 


Members pay a fee of £2000 to join the Program.